Prioritization of patient care services

When services resume, HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS may face difficult decisions regarding which patients to see and the prioritization of service provision. HCP must prioritize access to in-person services based on their own clinical judgement and with consideration given to the patient perspective and the referral source. 

When determining priority for in-person care, HCP should reflect upon the following considerations: 

  • What is the acuity of the patient’s condition?
  • What is the functional impairment or impact of the condition on health-related quality of life? 
  • What is the impact of not receiving services (i.e. will further delay result in a worse outcome for the patient)? 
  • Is it appropriate to provide the service via virtual care?
  • Is the service one which can only be provided in person (e.g. assessment of chronic disease, breast or pelvic examination)?
  • How long has a patient waited for care?

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